For Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, their Translators and Publishers

For all who are persecuted in the name of God


Who can insult the sun, the moon or the earth?

Who can insult the rose because it pricks, or the lotus because it grows from filthy mud?

Who can insult the midge because it sucks blood or the lion because his breath stinks?

Who can insult God's prophets because their words are idolised or mocked?

Who can insult God who gives tongues to his blasphemers?

Who can insult God who has created this world?

The insult does not touch God, neither his creatures, nor his prophets.

The insult does not hurt God, but the fearful heart of the zealots.

If you try to defend God's greatness, you make it small.

If you seek to avenge God, you know nothing about God.

Cordial thanks to Anonymous who translated the poem into English


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