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Open Letter to Mullah Muhammad Omar and Usama bin Ladin, 22.09.2001
Offener Brief an Mullah Muhammad Omar und Usama bin Ladin, 22.09.2001

Bismillahi rahmani al-rahim -  In the name of God, the merciful and all compassionate

To you who speak in the name of God, in the name of The holy Quran, in the name of Prophet Muhammad, to you who speak in the name of the Afghan people, in the name of the Islam and the muslims of the world:

Islam is a religion of peace and of tolerance, but you and your taliban warriors fight and destroy old Buddhist statues which were symbols for peace and enlightenment during the last two thousand years. No one was forced to idolize them and no one idolized them. You arrest Christian people who only came to help your starving people. Is your creed so weak that you have to fear and destroy religious symbols of others and to threaten their followers with death penalty? 

Afghan soldiers have been famous for their courage, bravery and honorable fighting for hundreds of years. Your taliban “warriors” massacre male prisoners and rape women and children. You support alleged criminal terrorists who cowardly attack out of darkness and kill thousands of innocent people. You give them shelter instead of handing them over to an international court of justice.

The prophet Muhammed respected women and freed them from tribal rules and economical dependence. You and your taliban treat women like cattle, you deprive them of the basic human rights, you suppress their free will and  you deprive them of education and personal independence.

God asks for devotion to his will - and by his divine will he created humans as being different, being able to think and feel different, to adhere to different religions. But you demand devotion to your own will and your sole interpretation of the Quran. You negate and oppress the divine will God has granted to all beings. 

Islam demands honesty and decency towards fellowmen: but you let criminals attack the American people who helped you against the Russian invaders. You are cheating and lying which is forbidden in Islam. You harbour a terrorist and murderer of thousands of innocent men, women and children - Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans and Australians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and people of other religious beliefs. 

Islam forbids drugs and dealing with drugs as impure because it is destroying soul and life of people. But you shelter terrorists who finance their mean attacks by drug dealing. 

You who speak in the name of God and Islam – You yourself have forsaken God’s commands as given by the prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran. 
Where is your devotion to God, where is your honesty and honor, where is your tolerance, where your decency, your purity, where is your mercy and your compassion?

Your faith in God has gone to ashes. And theses ashes are worse than the grey ashes of the destroyed World Trade Center. They cover your heart and the hearts of you followers. 

May God bless you by enlightening your heart and mind,
Regina Berlinghof
Regina Berlinghof 
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