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Mary Magdalene and Jesus

A novel (in German)

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Publisher's note

Religion without God and Guru?

Love transforms both:

A new look on the bible and the myth of the occident - this time with the eyes of Mary Magdalene. Her love knows no boundaries and no taboos...

Again the world is startled by the discovery of scrolls at the Dead Sea: the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Recorded by Yoram bar Am, a former Essene disciple and disappointed Christian, who met old Miryam (Mary Magdalene) in Jericho. Miryam's story is completely different... She breaks her stubbornly kept silence only when the fundamentalist and zealous Yoram needs her help to win back his wife Shoshana who left him after his eruption of mistrust, anxiety and violence. Miryam remembers her unhappy marriage with the Pharisee Yehuda, her first meeting with Yeshua (Jesus), she recalls the great love between them, she speaks about Yeshua's disciples, about the betrayal and about the crucifixion. She remembers her humiliating affair with the charming and elegant Greek writer Alpheios and relates her arguments and the bargain with the cynical Roman prefect Pontius Pilatus in an attempt to save Yeshua's life.

In this great and moving novel people emotions and events in Roman occupied Judea around the year zero come to life. In the background lurk the questions: What is man, what is woman, what is religion, where is love...

The author, Regina Berlinghof, was born in 1947 in Freiburg, Germany. She spent her childhood, school and university years in Frankfurt am Main. Developed an early interest for Israel, the Arab countries and the desert. Following lengthy sojourns in Israel and Egypt, a spiritual experience induced her to begin writing. She resides in Kelkheim near Frankfurt."

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Bibliographical data:
Regina Berlinghof
Mirjam. Maria Magdalena und Jesus
Novel (in German)
Verlag Dietmar Klotz, Eschborn/Ts., Germany
2nd. edition, 610 pages including maps, indices and a register
hardcover edition
published in April 1997-1999
price DM 48,00.
ISBN 3-88074-273-1

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Verlag Dietmar Klotz
Sulzbacher Straße 45
65760 Eschborn / Ts.
Tel.: (49) 6196 / 48 15 33 / Fax: (49) 6196 / 48 532

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