Regina Berlinghof

Miryam. Mary Magdalene and Jesus - Novel

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Frankfurter Rundschau

(Pentecost 1999, 22.-24.5.1999:)

"Truly a love story. In this broad-spun and high-spirited novel the author does not so much focus on historical interpretations or a false actualization of the sparse historical evidence. She plays with the manifold relations between the old times and the present. Berlinghof composes this skilfully and with feeling for style, and she opens new insight on allegedly all too known events."

Frankfurter Rundschau

(11.03.1999:) Report of a reading

" One of the key scenes of the novel is the one in which Yeshua and Miryam experience their sexuality as spiritual. They discover that God is also revealed in physical love... and Jesus therefore has to redefine his view of God."

Höchst County News 

(Höchster Kreisblatt, 6.9.1997:)

"Poetic language gets in by the backdoor""


(Einblick, August 1997:)

"For convinced Christians this book may be shocking, and it may border on blasphemy to see Mary and Jesus depicted in such human ways, but the way the author is writing, it sounds authentic and very lively. Much in it is startling and worrying, for there are some things in this book which do not happen they way we know it from the Bible and the way the Church wants us to believe it. A courageous book, which deserves to be read by many people, since it deals with Love in all its dimensions."

Kelkheim Gazette 

(Kelkheimer Zeitung
No. 26, 25.6.1997:)

"No question: If you have known Jesus so far only as the Messiah, the prophet, the bringer of salvation, as a sexless figure of light, free of all temptations and "sins" of this world, you will find it difficult to imagine a man who, let us say it bluntly, also wants to live as a man."


(BuchJournal 1/1997:)

"The novel is colourful, powerful and worth thinking about."



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